I always find the About Me section of any website to be symphony of self promotion, lyrical manipulation and overall ball fanning.

I could inform everyone who happens to find themselves on this page that I am medical doctor who specializes in augmenting lifestyles for the rich and famous, was a two time Mr. USA  and traveled the world partaking in all sorts of shenanigans, have all sorts of degrees and credentials to make myself feel smart and am a published author of the most erotic of fictions. But again to much ball fanning for me.

What I like to consider myself is a cowboy’ish maverick  who views life as a novel that is  being written daily. A novel that when its all said and done is one that I would want to read myself.

Life is to short to be boring (so) Never hope to be normal (always) strive to be extraordinary (and) Become your own fucking T. Rex!