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Lifestyle Medicine by Dr. Ivan Rusilko

Dr. Ivan Rusilko’s practice works to treat and manage the process of aging with an advanced clinical approach and an individualized prescription.  Practicing unmatched self-care results directly in weight loss, physical enhancement, better sex, hormone balancing, improved sleep, and helps to prevent or correct aging.  With the programs and practices at Lifestyle Medicine, one can expect to have more energy, lose weight, reach their exercise potential, have a better metabolism, greater bone density, lower cholesterol, stress reduction and an overall higher sense of self-worth.

Wellness Lifestyle

Wellness Medicine centers on enhancing one’s quality of life and overall vibrance through the “inner” balancing of nutrition and hormones, clearance of physiological stressors and augmentation of energy, mood, sex and sleep.

Fit Medicine

The ThermaBurn Medical Fat Loss Program combines a comprehensive diet plan with medications, supplements, and exercise programs customized around each individual’s lifestyle.

Stem Cell Therapy

Dr. Rusilko’s clinical one-two punch, focusing not only introducing the stem cells but also optimizing the patients’ hormones, nutrition and detoxification pre and post treatment to help produce the most dramatic and sustainable results.



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